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Ratings & ECF Membership
Allocation of Ratings

The latest ratings (March 2024) published by FIDE will be used for the Open Section. The latest ratings published by ECF (March 2024) will be used for the Boniface and Foundation Sections and unrated players in the FIDE rated section.

Players without a current FIDE or ECF rating must give details of estimated playing strength (e.g. evidence of recent results), including any previously held grading, or current grading from another body.

Ungraded or unrated players may not win a grading/rating prize and, apart from the FIDE Open, may only win a third of any other prize.

ECF Membership

​In the FIDE Open section there is a pay to play fee of £12.00 for players who are not ECF Gold or Platinum members or who are non-ECF members registered with FIDE as English.

Players whose FIDE affiliation is not ENG will incur a per capita fee of £1.50, charged to the event, unless of course they happen to be Platinum or Gold members of the ECF.

In the Boniface & Foundation sections there is a pay to play fee of £9.00 for players who are not ECF Silver, Gold or Platinum members or who are non-ECF members.

Tournament Rating


The tournament will be submitted to FIDE for international rating and the English Chess Federation (ECF) for national rating. It is a condition of playing in the Bristol congress that the data submitted at the time of entry will be forwarded to FIDE and the ECF, as required to enable the games to be rated by FIDE and the ECF.

Obtaining a FIDE Identification Number


All OPEN Section entrants must have a FIDE Identification Number at the time of submitting their entry.

If you are a member of the ECF and require a FIDE ID please check infromation here.





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