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Bristol Summer Congress &

86th Bristol League Championship


Mike Harris' report

The Bristol Summer Congress was held at Bristol Grammar School June 15th – 17th.


The Bristol tournament scene continues to go from strength to strength with a whopping 117 entrants to the Summer Congress – including a GM, two IM’s and a host of other masters in a very competitive Open field.


The Open was more than twice the size of some previous tournaments which meant that drawn games were likely to cost you at the top. After 3 rounds nobody had a perfect score – though plenty on 2.5.

Before the final round there were three on 3.5 and GM Arkell lurking on 3. The Merry-Arkell match-up (seed 1 vs. 2) was the final round everyone wanted to see – this time Merry sealing the deal – he couldn’t take the prize outright though as Mike Waddington beat Graham Moore to also finish on 4.5.

Another dream final match-up was for the title of Bristol League champion – between league players only.

Patryk Kryzyzanowski was leading on 3, whilst a host of others were on 2.5. Steve Dilleigh got the honour of trying to leapfrog Patryk – and was doing well in a rook ending, up a pawn and with a slightly easier king position – could Steve emulate Carlsen and squeeze it to steal the title? After some calculated risks to keep his rook active, Patryk did enough to hold it and is now Bristol champion!


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